DIY Montessori Sandpaper Letters

Guess What?  You can make your own Sandpaper letters from poster board and sandpaper.  It is very simple and cost saving.  Sandpaper letters for both upper and lower case and the double letters can cost you upwards of $100.  Making your own can really save money especially when you only have a few children who will be using them.



What you need:

Sandpaper (fine)

Posterboard (we are using black and red to coordinate with the Dwyer Reading Folders, you can use pink, blue, green, system as well)

craft glue

old scissors (the sandpaper will destroy your scissors so don’t use good ones)

Directions: either print a template and lay it facedown on back of sandpaper and cut it out, or free hand the letters on rough side of sandpaper and cut out.  Cut your poster board in rectangles to fit letters, glue down done!



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