Red Dye Rage: How food Colors Effect the Brain

I am very adamant about not letting my kids eat food dye.  I have seen the effects in not just my children but others.  I can pick out that red dye haze and aggression a mile away, and that is before seeing the cherry red mustache the kid is sporting from a slushy.  I will be honest I never even thought about food dye before.  I grew up with colored candies and ice creams, so didn’t think much of giving my kids bug juice, and twizzlers, how about a pickle(yep even pickles have food dye).  Until one day I made the connection.  After my son drank a red kool aid and ate some “fruit” gummies I had Damian on my hands!  I started making the connection.  It wasn’t just him either, my daughter would become very whiny and suddenly start having potty accidents.  It was like their brains were sending mixed signals and dye was to blame.  Thankfully I found help through the Feingold Association and our dye induced nightmares became a thing of the past.

The thing is companies don’t actually have to tell you every ingredient that goes into their food.  For instance Coke has a secret recipe.  It is touted as all natural but if a company won’t release it’s ingredients then Feingold takes it off the safe food list!  Below is a little video and link to Feingold.  I absolutely recommend this program to all parents not just those dealing with behavioral or developmental issues, it is worth every single penny!

Food dyes are made from petroleum, as far as I know petroleum is not in the food pyramid.  So why are we putting these things in our and our children’s bodies?  Artificial flavors and pesticides can disrupt the receptors in the brain just as well as dye.  This has been such a problem that Europe has banned artificial dyes.  So why are American kids still being poisoned?  Below is the picture of a natural dyed m-n-m and an artificial one.  Not too big a difference, don’t our kids deserve it?


Many parents are petitioning for change like the mom below, you can actually see her son change in under an hour.  This is no different than giving your child a drug.

Let’s take a look at some ingredients: Pickles, Doritos, Fruit Gummies



All of these are things that are fed to children….have you ever actually read the back?  And it isn’t just the obvious bright colors either…things like chicken stock, soups, sauces, and even some fish and meat have food dye in them.  This is just dye that is not even talking about artificial flavors, or God forbid soy lecithin(watch out for that one!)

Think about this…when do most behaviour issues begin?  Around 2-3, right?  Why?  It may be the fact that until we were excellent at feeding our babies just the right fruit and veggies in their little jars and making sure every bowel movement was the perfect color.  We were pros at not giving kids sugar, I mean who give a 6 month old soda?  But at some point that candy flood gate opened and we thought that feeding kids meant feeding them just smaller versions of we eat (well what we shouldn’t eat either) So when our kid’s bodies reject this food experiment monstrosity we blame adhd, or feel we need to discipline more, or it has to be the teacher…yada yada…well it could be the food, so I encourage checking it out and going a month dye free, see what happens.

So what can you do?  Order from candy stores that sell all natural candies like:  (they even have sprinkles!!!)


Read Labels!!! Pack your child’s lunch, you can guarantee there is a load of junk in school lunches!  Bring Snack along in your purse and be prepared for parties! And if you don’t feel like you can handle it all, order the Feingold program they will make you a pro in no time!


One thought on “Red Dye Rage: How food Colors Effect the Brain

  1. Amie Elna says:

    I wanted to like you post about 100 times! Thanks for educating others about the poisoning effects of artificial food coloring!! We are always given the “weird eye” when I refuse to let my kids eat food with artificial dye!!


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